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What Getting Well Entails

I’ll tell you something that frustrates me on the subject of getting well. And that is the idea that ONE THERAPY alone is all that’s needed to enable a person to get well. I believe that it CAN happen that way, when that therapy happens to hit a very specific nail right on the head. For example, a person is badly Vitamin C deficient and that is pretty much all that’s wrong with him. But how often does that occur?

More often, and all the time when a person has something seriously wrong with their body, I see that it takes several changes or therapies to bring about recovery.

This is somewhat of a disagreement I have with many very talented people who offer very valid therapies: they try to bring about a recovery using only their own therapy. Not many advise a person on all the different therapies that might be needed to accomplish the recovery the person is looking for.

In some cases, I believe that a person may have to utilize a LONG LIST of therapies to accomplish their goal of physical recovery from a significant ailment. For example:

  1. Nutritional supplementation
  2. Chiropractic
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Massage
  5. Exercise
  6. Dentistry
  7. Getting enough leisure but not too much
  8. Eliminating toxic chemicals or mold from one’s environment
  9. Dietary improvements
    1. Eliminating toxic foods, drinks or other substances
    2. Eliminating inflammatory foods
    3. Consuming fresh, organic foods
    4. Consuming a balance of nutrients
    5. Not eating too much or too little
    6. Being able to digest and assimilate the nutrients one consumes
  10. Eliminating or resolving toxic relationships
  11. Education
  12. Change of space or location
  13. Alignment one’s current activities to one’s real goals and purposes
  14. Being responsible for oneself and the effects one creates
  15. Not living in a toxic or unsafe environment
  16. Being happy with oneself

That’s just the list that occurs to me at the moment.

When I see a person offering a particular therapy, I always have this in mind: to this person, whatever I am complaining of will be seen solely from that person’s viewpoint. It is up to me to see the broad scope and possibilities of all therapies. I have to be educated enough to choose from the right therapies to improve any physical situation I’m up against. It can be a hit-or-miss process.

When a physical problem exists, the best recoveries come about, I believe, from a broad-spectrum approach that utilizes any or all of the items on this list (and I’m sure there are other physical therapies I didn’t think of). In my experience, it is nearly always up to the person with the need for recovery to make the right choices from this list. That requires a significant amount of education and understanding on the improvements each one of these changes can make. It’s not an easy job for any of us.

It seems that an ideal system of physical recovery would include an assessment of which these (and others I’ve omitted) therapies would help a person recover. They would be administered in the best sequence to bring about recovery. We are a very long way from being able to implement such a system.

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