Down the Gates-Fauci Rabbit Hole

In 2000, Bill Gates invited Tony Fauci to visit his Seattle mansion. According to Kennedy, he proposed a partnership between the two men. 

“Tony, you run the biggest infectious disease institute in the world. And I want to be sure the money I spend is well spent… Why don’t we be partners?”

Apparently, it was a match made in heaven. Kennedy says:

…By 2015, Gates was spending $400 million annually on AIDS drugs—mainly testing them on Africans. If he could prove that an AIDS remedy actually worked in Africa, the subsequent payoff from US and European customers would be astronomical. 

If you read my previous article, you will recall that Gates personally and through his foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), was very heavily invested in pharmaceutical and vaccine companies. 

By pairing with Fauci, Gates received the patina of authority. He had already money but now he had authority and money. He could ease into the position of international power broker over health issues. Fauci had already cemented his position as a power broker by wielding or withholding billions in grants. 

Not everyone was so excited about this partnership. According to Kennedy:

In 2008, the Journal of the European Molecular Biology Organization published a peer-reviewed article examining how the Gates/Fauci partnership had skewed NIH funding to reflect Gates’s priorities…The article outlines the technical details of the Gates NIH partnership; the Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust [founded in England by a pharmaceutical magnate] funneled their donations through the NIH Foundation, which administers the money while Gates determines how it is spent… He has effectively purchased himself an agency directorate. 

Maybe you wondered why the world seems to listen to him so much? That’s why. 

Let’s look at what he did with his money and that new authority. 

Projects: HIV Vaccine Trials

In 2006, the BMGF announced 16 grants worth $287 million to accelerate HIV vaccine development by funding trials in nineteen countries. In 2008, Dr. Fauci canceled the largest of these trials that had already cost $140 million of US taxpayer money. By that time, NIAID had already tried this vaccine on 3,000 participants in Africa. The New York Times reported the cancelation, noting that the vaccine did not prevent infection or lower the viral count among those who were infected. Buried in the NYTimes story was a notation that:

Merck and NIAID researchers reported data suggesting that the vaccine actually raised the risk of contracting HIV. (Emphasis added.)

That didn’t stop Gates. 

By 2015, Gates was spending about $400 million a year on AIDS drug research…

On February 3, 2020, Julie Steenhuysen of Reuters reports that NIAID had suddenly halted its clinical trial of its most promising HIV vaccine to date. NIAID was in the middle of Phase 3 trials on more than 5,000 South Africans when they realized that once again, the vaccine was raising the risk of AIDS in vaccinated individuals…

In summary, Kennedy states:

…Magical vaccines are Gates’s preeminent cookie-cutter solution for the ills of poverty, famine, drought, and disease. The absurdity of expensive shots as a remedy for indigence, a salve for malnutrition or the dearth of potable water is obvious when we consider that three billion people live on less than two dollars per day. Eight hundred and forty million people don’t have enough to eat. One billion lack clean water, or access to sanitation. One billion are illiterate. About a quarter of children in poor countries do not finish primary school. Poverty is a target-rich environment, but the data suggest that Gates’s vaccines miss the mark entirely.

From a young researcher in Ghana:

From my point of view, it’s more like [the Gates Foundation] are selling technology than solving problems. Most of their calls have to do with developing some new technology or vaccines. 

There are no profits to be had from providing clean water, education, or food. 

Buying the World Health Organization

Gates’s unofficial directorate and wads of money enabled him to gain a position of influence with the World Health Organization (WHO). Enhancing this influence is a Gates-founded group called GAVI, The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations. Gates launched GAVI with a $750 million donation in 1999. From the GAVI website: 

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance helps vaccinate almost half the world’s children against deadly and debilitating infectious diseases

From their website about their board of directors:

UNICEF, WHO, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hold permanent seats

Kennedy notes that Gates created GAVI as a public-private partnership to facilitate the sale of huge quantities of vaccines in to poor countries. GAVI is also a vehicle, it seems, to help Gates buy the WHO.

In 2018-2019, BMGF gave WHO $413 million, GAVI gave them $316.5 million. 

Plus, Gates routes funding to WHO through SAGE [Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, part of WHO] and UNICEF [United Nations Children’s Fund] and Rotary International, bringing his cumulative total contributions to over $1 billion…

…Gates’s vaccine obsession has diverted WHO’s giving away from poverty alleviation, nutrition and clean water to make vaccine uptake its preeminent health metric… In 2011, Gates spoke at the WHO, ordering that “All 193 member states, you must make vaccines a central focus of your health systems.”

The WHO adopted a Global Vaccine Plan, coauthored by the BMGF, the next year. 

By 2017, Gates’s power was so complete that he handpicked his deputy, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, as the WHO’s new director general, despite complaints that Tedros would be the first director general to the WHO without a medical degree and despite Tedros’s dubious background. Critics credibly charge Tedros with running a terror group associated with extreme human rights violations including genocidal policies against a rival tribal group in Ethiopia.

Tedros had previously served on the GAVI board.  

Cooperative Vaccine Campaigns

From this point, The Real Anthony Fauci documents one disastrous vaccine project outcome after another. Some of these dreadful outcomes were because the emphasis on vaccines redirected aid budgets that normally would have been dedicated to clean water, nutrition, and medical staff for public health clinics. The Los Angeles Times investigated Gate’s programs and noted that they:

…had net negative consequences on public health. In fact, the Times found an inverse correlation between dollars spent by Gates’s charities and declines in children’s health. The nations that get the most Gates money see the worst health outcomes. (Emphasis added.)

In addition to the diversion of vital aid funds from useful projects to vaccine projects, there are too many examples of direct vaccine injury documented in Chapter 8, 9 and 10 to do this information justice. I can just cite a few snippets here:

  • 2017: The Danish Government studied health outcomes among African children who received WHO’s DTP vaccine. Vaccinated girls had ten times the death rate compared to unvaccinated girls. 
  • 2010: Gates funded a vaccination campaign in sub-Saharan Africa. Thousands of children were forcibly vaccinated against meningitis, resulting in 50 of 500 children developing paralysis. 
  • 2000: $100 million is spent in Botswana on an AIDS vaccine pilot. There was no reduction in HIV rates and by 2005, the virus had spread to 25% of all adults. 
  • 2000: Gates “declares war” on polio in India. The Indian National Advisory Board responded by mandating an onslaught of 50 polio vaccines for each child up to the age of five (up from five mandated vaccines in previous years) in several key provinces. Indian doctors later blamed this campaign for 491,000 paralyzed children. 
  • The WHO admitted that the global polio explosion was primarily caused the strain used in the vaccines, meaning that the epidemics of the disease in the Congo, Philippines and Afghanistan resulted from his vaccine campaign. 
  • As reported by the Associated Press, in 2018 the WHO conceded that 70% of global polio cases came from Gates’s vaccine. 

There’s so much more of this information. These three chapters also cover the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine that caused severe side effects including fertility disorders in 1 in 20 recipients; Depo-Provera birth control method that caused blood clots and infertility; and a combined Hib (Haemophilus influenza type b)/hepatitis B vaccine that caused encephalopathy/encephalitis.

I strongly recommend that you buy and read this entire book. There’s simply no other way to grasp the magnitude of these situations.

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