Fauci’s Deadly Mismanagement of the AIDS Epidemic, Part II

This article will make more sense if you read Part I first.

After Fauci was raked over the coals by Congress, the process of approving drugs for treatment of AIDS speeded up. He agreed to set up clinical trials for drugs that HIV activists wanted included in the standard of care for HIV infection and AIDS. One of these drugs was AL 721, a repurposed drug already being used by community doctors. 

A 2001 clinical trial for this drug makes this statement:

“AL-721 is a mixture of lipids (fats) extracted from egg yolks. Laboratory tests suggest that it might inhibit the infectivity of the HIV. AL-721 has been tried so far in a few patients for short periods of time and has been found to be well tolerated.”

Fauci and his Pharma overlords were, however, married to the concept of a patented AZT formula that would bring a pharmaceutical corporation vast profits from terrified HIV patients. 

Kennedy reports: 

 AIDS activists afterward learned that at the same time Dr. Fauci was telling them and Senator Kennedy’s office that he was finally testing AL 721, Teflon Tony was confiding to his PIs [principal investigators—see below] that he had rigged the AL 721 studies to fail. “I wanted to debunk it,” he reassured them.” Just as he would do with hydroxychloroquine during the COVID crisis thirty years later, he designed the AL 721 clinical trials in a way that would ensure their failure and thus discredit the unpatentable medicine. [Page 160]

A principal investigator is one of a network of 1,300 academics who conduct human trials at university-affiliated research centers and training hospitals. These folks are on the inside, recruited to continue the dominance of a medication-oriented system of medicine and the power of the pharmaceutical industry. By cooperating, they keep millions of dollars flowing to their facilities and stay friends with powerful pharmaceutical corporations.

Fauci also opened clinical trials for aerosol pentamidine, mentioned in part I, but claimed he could not recruit any participants. Now all he needed was for AZT trials to show success and Burroughs Wellcome would prosper and Fauci would remain golden. 

Dr. Fauci’s insider’s cabal greased the skids, allowing Burroughs Wellcome to skip animal testing and to proceed directly to human trials…. Burroughs Wellcome financed Dr. Fauci’s fast-tracked human trials, fragmenting their study groups in twelve cities into small cohorts, making safety signals difficult to detect. 

In 1987, Dr. Fauci’s team declared the human study a success and terminated it after four months of a proposed six-month study… That four month observation period was far too short for researchers to detect side effects that would occur in patients taking AZT for years, or even for a lifetime.  [Page 161]

The drug was approved for Emergency Use in March 1987. 

Some months later, problems with this drug began to be unearthed. Investigative journalist John Lauritsen had been following the AIDS epidemic since 1985. He reviewed the official report from Burroughs Wellcome on these trials and described it like this: 

The description of methodology was incomplete and incoherent. Not a single table was acceptable according to statistical standards—indeed, not a single table made sense. In particular, the first report, on ‘efficacy,’ was marred by contradictions, ill-logic and special pleading [see below]. [Page 164]

Special pleading occurs when someone dismisses a specific case as an exception to a rule without adequate reasons. 

Lauritsen went on to write two books about AZT and the mismanagement of AIDS. In 1991, he filed a Freedom of Information Act request for an FDA report on the Boston center that was running these trials. It was only made available to him by an FDA whistleblower after the FDA dragged their feet for months. 

As it turned out, the Boston Principal Investigators (PIs) cheated on almost every patient. The Burroughs Wellcome PIs had quickly realized that AZT was so reliably deadly that they were hard-pressed to keep the trial recruits alive for the full six-month study. The Boston team solved this dilemma by lying about the length of time patients were in the trials…

Kennedy reports: 

Some of the AZT patients suffered adverse effects so deadly that they needed multiple blood transactions just to keep them alive….

[Noted AIDS researcher] Dr. Willner… accused Dr. Fauci of using transfusions and other artifices to systematically conceal AZT’s horrendous toxicity. “What do we have to say about the National Institutes of Health, when a private independent laboratory found AZT to be 1,000 times more toxic than the laboratory of the NIH?… That’s fraud.” [Pages 164-166]

In one of his books, Lauritsen estimated that AZT killed 330,000 gay men between 1987 and 2019. Many of these individuals were in good health before they started this course of treatment because HIV infection does not mean that the person has developed AIDS. It’s somewhat similar to a person testing positive for COVID but having no symptoms. 

There’s so much more on this topic in The Real Anthony Fauci including the very real possibility that HIV is not even the cause of AIDS. That story is covered in Chapters 5 and 6. 

The conclusions that can be drawn from even these brief excerpts are truly staggering. Myself, I thought this kind of behavior went out of vogue when Nazis were defeated in World War II.

In fact, later sections of this book reveal equally callous disregard for human life. I hope you will pick up the book and read it to get the whole story. 

In case you (or anyone) think that Robert F. Kennedy invented any of this data, here’s a long article originally published in 1989 that covers these facts and many more. The author, Celia Farber, is cited by Kennedy many times in his book.

To read Part I, click here.

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