Reading the Truth With a Heavy Heart

There are parts of this book that literally forced me to close the book and my eyes and just suffer for a few minutes. Then I’d gather my courage and resume reading. The end of Chapter 2 was like this.

Kennedy throws facts at you all through these chapters and then at the end, he tends to sum things up a bit. This summation was brutal. He starts out:

A 2017 study in the Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review summarizes how compromised federal public health officials like Dr. Fauci have transformed NIAID, NIH, CDC, and FDA into pharmaceutical marketing machines.

These are the people we are “trusting” with our medications, medical treatments, foods and public health.

He goes on: The Emory researchers paint drug and vaccine makers as “thick as thieves” with HHS officials acting not as regulators, but as “enablers, or perhaps worse still, [they are] complicit in questionable or ethically unsound activity as a result of being driven by self-serving motives.”

A former HHS official who now works with the advocacy group Public Citizen describes the relationship like this: [i]nstead of a regulator and regulated industry, we now have a partnership.

Kennedy describes Fauci as the face of this corrupt dynamic. Here’s the proof:

At NIAID, the Pharma tail now wags the public health dog. Dr. Fauci has done almost nothing to advance NIAID’s core obligation of researching the causes of the devastating explosions in epidemics of chronic allergic and autoimmune diseases that, under his tenure, have mushroomed to afflict 54 percent of children, up from 12.8 percent when he took charge of NIAID. While ignoring the explosion of allergic conditions, Dr. Fauci has instead reshaped NIAID into the leading incubator for new pharmaceutical products, many of which, ironically, profit from the cascading chronic disease pandemic.

I have added the emphasis because that’s the way it sounds in my mind. Like someone is screaming. The pieces tumble into place and I’m silently screaming. It’s not like I didn’t see this connection earlier but now I’m faced with the dreadful depth of the truth and there’s no escape.

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  1. Thank you for braving the trenches of treachery delineated by RFK JR. in his book. I read the introduction to the book and was glad it existed to show the light but felt that it was preaching to the choir as I’d long held Fauci to be CRIMINAL. I just didn’t want to read the rest of it, knowing that it would be grim. Thank you even more for you posts as many will get benefit from them. I’m pretty certain that my reaction is not an isolated one. Hope this is posted.

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